Wednesday, March 13

Genetic Literacy: An Intermediate Guide to Understanding the Language and Concepts of Modern Genetic Research

Genetic Literacy: An Intermediate Guide to... 12:30pm

Michael Cho, MD, MPH, Assistant Professor of Medicine, HMS Benjamin Raby, MD.CM, MPH, Associate Professor of Medicine, HMS What's a SNP? What's the HapMap?...

Brigham and Women's Hospital, Bornstein Amphitheatre  
U54 Monthly Scientific Meeting

U54 Monthly Scientific Meeting 3:00pm

Monthly Scientific Meeting March 13, 2013 3pm – 5pm UMass Boston – Wheatley Building; 3rd Floor (VDC) Guest Speaker: TBA Pilot Pitch Round 3

University of Massachusetts Boston, Venture Development Center, 3rd floor Wheatley Building  
"Crowd-Sourcing, Objective Assessment and Collaborative-Competition in Systems Biology Research," Center for Cancer Computational Biology Seminar Series

"Crowd-Sourcing, Objective Assessment and... 3:30pm

March 13, 2013 | 3:30pm | Jimmy Fund Auditorium Gustavo Stolovitzky, PhD Manager, Functional Genomics and Systems Biology IBM Computational Biology...

"Establishing Immunoglobulin Heavy Chain Locus Conformation"

"Establishing Immunoglobulin Heavy Chain... 5:00pm

Dr. Ranjan Sen, National Institutes of Health/National Institute on Aging 210 Longwood Ave. Boston, MA unless otherwise noted. Part of the Immunology...


Wednesday, March 13