Tuesday, April 15

Tumor Heterogeneity Nanocourse

Tumor Heterogeneity Nanocourse 12:00pm

Fransizka Michor, PhD and Kornelia Polyak, MD, PhD: There is a high degree of diversity within tumors despite a largely monoclonal origin, including...

Building C, Cannon Room  
Tufts ISP Seminar - John F. Hancock, University of Texas

Tufts ISP Seminar - John F. Hancock, University... 3:30pm

SPEAKER: John F. Hancock, M.B, B.Chir, Ph.D., University of Texas TOPIC: TBD

Seminars in Oncology: “Rewiring the Cancer Epi-genome: Novel Targeted Strategies for Breast and Ovarian Cancer”

Seminars in Oncology: “Rewiring the Cancer... 4:00pm

Guest Speaker: Pilar Blancafort, PhD The University of Western Australia


Tuesday, April 15